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AWS Big Data Notes: AWS DynamoDB, S3, and SQS 0

AWS Big Data Study Notes – AWS DynamoDB, S3 and SQS

This is the cheat sheet on AWS DynamoDB, S3, and SQS. AWS DynamoDB Features Fully managed NoSQL database service: On-demand capacity mode Built-in support for ACID transactions On-demand backups and point-in-time recovery Encryption at...

AWS Containerization 0

AWS Containerization: ECS, EKS, and ECR

Containerization is a lightweight alternative to a virtual machine that involves encapsulating an application in a container with its own operating system. It provides portable, lightweight, standardized, and easy to deploy. Along with containers,...

AWS Big Data Solution Study Notes - Kinesis 0

AWS Big Data Study Notes – AWS Kinesis

This is the cheat sheet on AWS Kinesis. AWS Kinesis is a real-time streaming data platform on AWS: Kinesis Video Streams: build custom applications that process or analyze streaming video Kinesis Data Streams: build custom...