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Top IT Certifications for 2018

Information Technology is a dynamic and fast-changing field. The IT certifications make you valuable in the highly competitive IT industry. It also provides a comprehensive way to learn IT knowledge. The following IT certifications...

Pass PMP in 1 Month 0

How I Passed PMP in 1 Month

Everybody could be a project manager. But only the person with solid project management knowledge, proactive engagement and good interpersonal skills will be a good project manager. PMP gives you the chance to learn...

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AWS CSAA Key Words Study Note

I mentioned AWS CSAA Key Words note in How I Passed AWS CSAA in 3 Months. The Key Words note is a quick cheat sheet to review before the exam. It is based on the...

Pass AWS CSAA in 3 Months 2

How I Passed AWS CSAA in 3 Months

Last week I passed AWS CSAA after three months preparation! I decided to take AWS CSAA on Thanksgiving day last year (11/23/2017) with the original four months study plan. But the study went very...